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Make every month of the year a pride month

You might think that we mixed up July and June, but it’s not that. Yes, we all know that the sixth month of the year is marked in our calendar as Pride month. But you know what? We don’t need a specific month, or a specific day to celebrate who we are. We decided that we have to celebrate pride in season and out of season, from now on. Why? Well, because THIS PRIDE defines who we are, it gives us the possibility of self-affirmation, the possibility of fighting for our dignity, visibility, and equality. 

Wear your pride as a symbol

Bring pride in your attitude, your behavior, your habits, newer, bring pride on your t-shirt, and your mask.

We are glad to let you know that you can adjust your pride outfit anytime by choosing the right t-shirt and face mask from the biggest variety put at your disposal all-year-round by Teepublic, Redbubble, and Zazzle.


Check Teepublic‘s collection out, always on everyone’s taste




Redbubble this time is the adherent of strong messages




Zazzle puts at your disposal different categories of products that can be customized with the desired pride month design



Change your lifestyle by seasoning it with the taste of pride and celebrate Pride Month daily.

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Best shirts for 4th of July holiday 2020 | Tshirt-Factory Blog

4th of July is approaching!

We all know that the first half of 2020 was a rough one, however, there are important events coming up. It’s time for a break, it’s time for beer, bacon, and freedom. Despite the fact that we can’t gather in large groups to celebrate it, we can still rejoice the event. Are you already prepared to celebrate Independence Day? If your answer is No, you should check this article out.  You’ll find here everything you were looking for all this time, all you need is just one click away. Because we are in this together, we prepared for you a list with the best platforms that can help you in finding a wide selection of shirts for 4th of July and not only.

Best online platforms with shirts for 4th of July


Check out Teepublic‘s collection of shirts



Here you get some funny shirt designs from Redbubble



TEXTUALTEES also came up with some good ideas



Zazzle is always here for you with generous offers




Customized face masks for 4th of July

Since we have to adapt to all these protection measures, platforms like Redbubble,  Teepublic, and Zazzle provide you with creative protective face masks as well. Safety first, gentlemen!

Redbubble offers you a great variety of choices





Here are the best face masks that Teepublic prepared for you



Zazzle, as usual, faces the challenges with confidence


For more information about protective face masks, you can also check our previous blog post on dope custom face masks.

It’s easy, you just have to choose the design that fits you best for both shirts and masks, and with 1-Click you can have the coolest outfit and prove yourself apart from the crowd.

Beside masks, shirts for 4th of July, Zazzle gives you the chance to acquire online a big variety of other products for men, women, and kids. Check their page these days, because they have really good discounts for you.

Choose the right shirts for 4th of July, accessorize them with the best clothing articles, and Feel the vibe of freedom.

Happy Independence Day y’all!

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Cheers to all the dads out there- custom Father`s day gifts made with love.

Even though for one of us a father is that person that you call to ask where your mum is, when she is not answering, for others a dad means the whole world. And despite all the puns and the feminist movements, we do love patriarchy and we`ll never underestimate the role that a father has in a child` s life and development. Alongside mothers, sure, we heard you there in the back. Just that today let`s make it for them, since Father`s day is just around the corner. And we will celebrate as we know better! Not only with cake, but with some spectacular custom Father`s day gifts. 

But first, a taste of history

The idea of establishing a offical equivalent Mother`s Day, just for dads came from a woman called Sonora Smart Dodd. The woman was one of the six children raised by a widower. And that pretty much explains her ambition.  She was very tenacious with her endeavor. She looked for local support at churces, government officials and YMCA. And she finally succeded.

Father`s Day was celebrated for the first time on June 19, 1910. Gradually, the holiday spread. In 1972, president Nixon signed a proclamation making Fathers Day a federal holiday at last.  So, since then we are honoring Fathers Day on the third Sunday of June.

Some custom Father`s day gifts that you won`t turn away

Today, economists estimate that Americans spend more than $1 billion each year on Father’s Day gifts.  So it seems like the papas really worth it! Below you`ll see our top choices. Exactly the ones that we would buy for our beloved daddys.(clixk on the image)

  Here are a few from Design By Humans


custom tee for dad

custom tee for Fathers day

 And this is what RedBubble came up with

custom Father`s day gifts

custom Father`s day gifts

fathers day postcard

fathers day pillow

fathers day mug

 Zazzle strikes again with some super fine custom Father`s day gifts

custom golf ball Father`s day

Father`s day custom apron

fathers day hat

custom fathers day backpack

father day pillow

custom football ball

What do you think, you`re also excited to celebrate? Have you prepared your gift?


Each business is unique and needs its own effective marketing mix. The crux of each business  is to find that mix. There are a number of ways to find that mix – which we can find together.

Start your Digital journey the right way. Have an in-depth knowledge of Digital tools and techniques. Decide your goals, then we mutually create digital roadmap and initiate your Digital Journey.

Web Development 

Personalised T-Shirts, Custom T-Shirt Printing Sydney, Australia by Start Designing your Custom T-Shirts today

Stay cool even in pandemy with these dope custom face masks

Get out of anonymity with these awesome custom face masks! Being more aware in these times is definitely to be done, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Or that the time spend in isolation must have a lack of color.

You know already that we love to improvise and we are graphic gurus. Since this article became a must have, why not bring it a personal note? (especially since we will be wearing them for an indefinite period)

The coolest custom face masks from your adored print on demand sites

So, custom face masks are all that we need to brighten up our unusual days.  Now you can both protect yourself  and the entire community. Create your own custom face mask in a bit or choose between already printed items. You have plenty of options!  Moreover,  you can choose from a variety of prints, messages and colors.  The print is made directly in the fabric, which gives the mask or the large number of use.

However, for the protection of the print, we recommend washing at a maximum of 40 degrees C. Thus, you will see that you can enjoy your purchase for as long as possible.

We scan out for custom face masks at our favorites pod websites and we`re not discouraged at all! Take a look at our top picks: (click on the picture)

custom face masks by redbubble

cute pattern mask

rainbow face mask by redbubble

zazzle face mask

teepublic custom mask

pretty face mask

custom ink mask

Custom Ink offers you the price for the blanks (usually no minimum required) and you pay extra for whatever custom design you`ll want (brand logo, message, image etc)

Uses of medicinal masks

Although wearing a mask may be mandatory at this time, it is necessary to do it seasonally. Dust, pollution, impurities, viruses are just some of the reasons care should be persuaded to wear long-term masks. In addition, these are multiple uses in the sanitary, food industry, in beauty salons, and even during the household cleaning activity.

This rises as in the overcrowded metropolis of Japan or South Korea, airports or malls, wearing masks at the time. Order your personalized mask and join a global trend for a better future. For all of us!

Do you own a custom face mask? What pattern or message you`ll choose for?

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Buy more and save even more with these winter sales!

Christmas is almost here and I can bet that you already have gifts for everyone on your list. And yeah, I imagine that your budget might be a bit tight right now. Especially after this period. Don`t even trip, we got you with these winter sales.

The days after Christmas usually offer serious discounts. Much like Black Friday. But on winter, right! Many retail chains use this opportunity to attract as many customers after December 26.

What to shop for on winter sales?

It`s the best time to find basics as towels, soaps and all kind of home goods. Zazzle for example has a quite impressive sale. https://www.zazzle.com/c/home+decor Just use the code wedding fever for their selected articles and you`ll sure be pleased:

Check for our today`s pick ups:

This extremely awesome fleece photo collage

Personalized Name Girls Blanket


custom ceramic ornament

Also, the best time for us to express our long term commitment and admiration for independent and unique creators with amazing artworks. So, it`s about time to save big now or never! I mean, you won`t find shirts for just 10$ that often, seriously! DBH comes up with exclusives and limited edition designs. Inspired by your fav superheroes! To sum up, ALL on winter sales

Take a look over:

Limited Edition Galactic Frontier

Empire Retaliation T-shirt

Cool Yoda T-shirt

Dark Side Tales T-shirt

What you`ll go for? Drop us a line

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Put the pleasure in buying gifts again with this holiday gift guide

The end of the year is just around the corner and with that we can already feel the dread for the “presents rush”.  You don`t have to worry! Redbubble has covered you with this valued holiday gift guide. This will clearly make your lives a lot easier. Whether you’re looking for the perfect present for your partner, your kids, or BFF. We put together a helpful list for your loved ones. From mugs and stickers to shirts, stationery or home goods. Yes, they have it all, encompass a wide range of tastes. And we`re not going to lie: you might even find something you want for yourself. Check for our top pickups:

Redbubble`s holiday gift guide

In case you didn`t know already, Redbubble is a unique and daring marketplace for worldwide artists. From pop culture icons to anime or niche stuff. You can easily find your thing there, between thousands of creative designs. And the best part is yet to come! You can put these designs on various products: mugs, hoodies, pillows, stickers…you name it. With that being said, go ahead and hunt for the perfect offering. We have some tips:

Colorful Comic Book Panels A-Line Dress

Music Lover Cat Zipped Hoodie

holiday gift guide

Music fox Slim Fit T-Shirt

holiday gift guide

Tokyo – A Neon Wonderland Canvas Print

I love you to the moon & back Canvas Print

A Fraggle “ROCK” Baby One-Piece

COOL FINGERS Toddler Pullover Hoodie

“Your Best Is Enough” Sunset Cat Throw Pillow

The satan-buck Travel Mug

Jane Austen antique books & other British antique books Scarf


So, let`s cherish the internet and online shopping one more time and to put back the pleasure in buying gifts. What is your favorite? Have you ever ordered from Redbubble? Drop us a line, we would love to hear from you!



**I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.





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Video Conference Style Tips: Pants Are Optional – Threadless Blog

Staying at home, working from home, homing from home, home, home, home. Not sure about you, but we’re getting a little (ok, a lot) squirrly. Instead of fighting the feeling, we’ve decided to embrace it. Every single squirrly bit of it. Since our lives have become a sort of Groundhog Day of sleeping, eating, Netflix, dishes, and Zoom meetings, consider this your pants optional style guide to the best designs to wear while you’re safe at home, doing your best to get through the day.

“Appropriate” Corporate Attire

Listen, Mark, I get that we are Business Professionals™ but why do we HAVE to wear a suit and “preferably” a tie when we’re working from home?! And this virtual Casual Friday business isn’t so casual when you mandate a collared shirt and “preferably” no jeans! Well the jokes on you Mr. VP of Team Synergistics – I’m not wearing ANY pants! And guess what else, Mark? I have a naughty t-shirt under my dress shirt with curse words on it! NOW WHO’S THE TEAM PLAYER, MARK?!

Fuck Feelings” by Jake Edward Lange, “Men Aren’t Funny” by Sara Schaefer and Camila Galaz, “Who Cares?” by Steven Rhodes

Missing Those Tech Startup Vibes

We’ve tried everything and, honestly, it’s just not clicking the way it used to. I went to my fridge and there was zero La Croix in there. ZERO! Ping pong table? Looked in our place for HOURS and nothing, nada, zilch. Even tried to rig one up out of recycled Amazon boxes and empty mandarian orange bags and it was an EPIC fail. So after staring at a wall for a few hours, it was time to move on. Me and the other remote working folks jumped on a Hangout and dug our heels deep into innovation. After several intense huddles and re-huddles, I think we’ve unlocked the next disrupt-volution in video-conferencing that involves AR, VR, and… HR. Oh wait – was that even on this year’s roadmap?

Can’t Tonight” by Teenage Stepdad, “Arrrgmented Reality” by David Schwen, “Thanks I Hate It” by Luis Romero

Next big side hustle

It’s 10:59pm on a Tuesday and I keep seeing people say that I don’t HAVE to do anything productive right now, but my entrepreneurial brain respectfully disagrees sir or madam on the internet. In fact, my video conference is about to start, and my two besties and I are going to make something so unequivocally awesome it will allow us to literally take over the world! And by that I mean maybe, eventually, quit our day jobs, or at least have extra beer money every now and again. Sure, you may call it a side hustle, but I call it a necessary dream that I’ll never give up on.

Big Dill” by Phil Jones, “Ice Cream Mann” by Romantic Walrus, “Afternoon Delight” by Chris Bishop

For real for real hangs

Can we just call this what it really is? Wonderful and Seriously Stupid Bullshitting with Old Friends Who I Really Want to Hug Right Now But Can’t. That is the name of our video conference call if you want to join. Not one iota of business on this call. There is an agenda, however – absolutely no agendas allowed. We discuss the best memes, the most delicious comfort food, and the ins and outs of beer and bud delivery in our respective areas. We actually cover a lot of ground, and absolutely none at the same time. The best part is how it makes us feel human again.

Cute Friends” by Illustrate, “Good Beer, Good Friends” by McMennamy, “I Paused My Game to be Here” by MadeByBono

There’s no one right way to stay at home, but there are a lot of right ways to make your video conference calls as awkward and perfect as possible – even if you’re the only one who knows about it. Have a horrifying and/or hilarious story to share that involves Zoom or Google Hangouts and the like? Get in touch and we’ll happily re-share if you’re so willing – we’re all in this madness together.

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Halloween shirts, but not on spooky prices! Take yours:

Pumpkin spice latte season is here and we`re really glad about that. Tho, since the very first day of October all I have in mind is this holiday that simply never gets old. Treats, jack-o’-lanterns and sugar rush. But that is not all, right? We are all craving for the perfect Halloween outfit. And yes, we`ve got your back (and your front) with these insane Halloween shirts and more. Now on sale. Stay tuned!

A brief history of Halloween

Historians have linked Halloween to Samhain, the Celtic festival of the summer’s end celebrated in Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man. According to Celtic mythology, the veil between the Otherworld and our world thins during Samhain, making it easier for spirits and the souls of the dead to return. The word itself literally means “hallowed evening,” and was previously known to early European celebrators as All Hallows’ Eve.

The early pagan holiday of Samhain involved a lot of ritualistic ceremonies to connect to spirits, as the Celts were polytheistic. Celts celebrated in costume as a disguise against ghosts enjoyed special feasts, and made lanterns by hollowing out gourds. The concept evolved into trick-or-treating. The candy-grabbing concept also became mainstream in the U.S. in the early to mid-1900s. Families provided treats to children, hoping that they would be free to any holiday pranks.

The basic traditions of the holiday remained a part of pop culture every year. But, the mystical rituals of earlier times evolved into more lighthearted fun and games. However, the Puritans were disapproving the holiday’s pagan roots, so they didn’t take part in the celebrations. So much fun to be missed!

Halloween shirts, but not on spooky prices

DBH  has some terrestrial offers for supernatural, Halloween designs. Take a look on our top picks:


halloween shirts


halloween kids shirts





halloween shirts




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Your Weirdly Specific Stay-at-Home Style Guide – Threadless Blog

We know what you’re thinking. Stay-at-home style? For me? No, my tastes are too pajama-chic. Too niche. Too, dare-I-say-it, weird. Challenge accepted, friend. We guaran-tee a stay-at-home look for you, whatever strange yet perfectly acceptable vibe you’re into.


Intense, muscular, and one hell of a cat dad. You’re just like John Wick but if, like, instead of a puppy and tragedy, he got a kitty and an at-home gym. You both love one thing: routine. Fluffy needs his wet food at 6:00am, which is the purrfect alarm for you to start those squats. While he’s sniffin’ catnip, you’re slammin’ protein powder. Wear your “Cat Daddy” tee ‘til the sleeves rip off. Stick your “Go Hard” magnet to that iron before you pump it. These gainz don’t paws for anything!


Now you’re praying this works out. Today she dropped her cross necklace and when she bent over you may have seen a panty line. Lord help you. Better go for a socially-distanced jog in your “Not today Satan” tee to cool off. Our “All Conference” shower curtain will remind her every day, “Hey! Can’t touch these nuts!” And if, God forbid, you guys happen to have a moment of hot, passionate, hand holding on the couch, you can always chuck our “What would Jesus Throw” throw pillow at her and hide in the bathroom. Godspeed!


You’re not just some basement dwelling, Dorito-hoarding, “dork.” You’re also a social distancing pro. With a healthy stock of toilet paper, 13 cases of Dew, and one hell of a video chat campaign lined up for this weekend, you’re ready for any scenario, real or played out. You’ve been prepping for weeks, nay…months, nay! You waited your whole life for this. Your “As long as we have our imagination” notebook is full of notes and quests. Your “Dungeons and Dragons Master Outrun” tee is ironed. Your campfire scented candle is crackling. Now dim the lights, pour the chianti, and roll the dice.


In the age of non-dairy, soy, vegan lattes, there’s nothing more hipster than being a dairy farmer. You’ve been embracing bovines since it was cool, then not cool, then kinda cool again. Take your non-soy latte to the pasture in our “Not Today Heifer” mug. Gather the herd for a selfie with your “Tagging before tagging was cool” tee. Hashtag tagging. Hashtag I’ve got milk. Hashtag don’t have a cow.


Ever since you were a child you loved teeth. At just six years old you tackled your big brother, stabbed his gums with a toothpick, sprayed his mouth with the hose, and sent him home crying with a new toothbrush and a reminder to, “Floss or else!” Now that you’re stuck at home, it’s time to relive the dream: legally torturing your family. After all, when you’re home, there’s no excuse not to floss. Celebrate in our “Flossin’ ain’t just for gangstas” tee. Selfie those pearly whites with our “Crushed It” phone case. Then knock on your child’s door daily and to remind them, “Appointment at 2:30! Get it? Tooth-hurty?”


You’re the mom of the friend group, always reminding everyone to bring a sweater, drink some water, wear their sunscreen. Now, you’re on the group chat, on Facebook, AND Instagram Live ready with tips, reminding people how to stay safe, and stay home. “Six feet apart ladies!” “Flatten that curve!” Whether it’s a Zoom Happy Hour, or Google Hangout, you’re expressing yourself with your “Condoms, Rose!” tee and a “Yeah Rights” zip pouch full of hand sanitizer, wipes, and a spare phone charger, just in case. What would we do without you?


You like two things: words, and birds. Now you’ve got the time to pursue your passions. With your backyard binoculars, we have the perfect plumage and pages to help you kill two birds with one…wait, no. Anyways! Our “Early Bird” tee is basically like wearing poetry, and our “Duck in Training” shirt is definitely a metaphor for something. Keep our “Birds with Arms” notebook handy so you can write verses about vultures, haikus about herons, or even some spoonbill sonnets.


You’ve created a reputation as the unofficial feline rescue center of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of strays, and you’re “rescued” quite a few cats with collars. Your neighbors are starting to complain they want “Snowflake” back, but the identical cat you found in your live trap is clearly a Gerald. Plus, your landlord is on your back about “health code violations.” Ugh. Doesn’t he understand how hygenic cats are? It’s hard out there for a friendly neighborhood cat lady. Don’t worry. Our “I love my cats” tee says it all. Plus, our “It’s Super Effective” blanket is purrect for wrangling the more squirmy kitties.


Someone watched one too many episodes of Chopped. You’re a homemade, knife-wielding, finger-flaying, master chef and your friends are getting very concerned. It was fun at first, when you were just adding weird seasonings to your nuggets and Instagram Live-ing your mac and cheese reduction destruction. But you’ve activated every smoke detector in the apartment building, and only answer to, “yes, chef!” Everyone’s kind of hoping you hang up the apron and take up take out. But until then, you can wear your “Gator Grilling” shirt with pride and keep your secret spice mix (taco seasoning and cinnamon) in your handy pouch.


It started out as a backyard hobby, but when Jerry started spending more time on his stupid model train than his own wife, it became your life. Now you’ve named 3,000 of the bees and spend just about every waking moment keeping up the hive drama. It’s like Game of Thrones up in there. That’s why you just had to get your sticky hands on this “Royal Pardon” tee. You can transport that sweet, sweet nectar home in our “Buzzin” tote. Enjoy a nice sweet sip of honey tea in our “Honey” mug. When Jerry asks to try some, tell him too bad. Your honey is only for people who treat you like a queen.


You’re a basement botanist, a budding businesswoman, and until a certain plant is legalized in your state, if anyone asks, you’re in “sales.” But enough about work! Let’s focus on your real passion: being the best digital role-model in the world. Sheltering-in-place is the perfect time to puff, puff, pass some knowledge on to the world online. Spend some quality time teaching your Facebook friends how to bake in our “Let’s Make Brownies” tee. And stash your stash safely in our handy zip pouch.


“Onward you hounds of hell! Onward you mighty mongrels! To your destiny! Wait stop, I gotta pick up your turds.” Nothing kills time like a little walk around the block, especially when you spend it in fantasy land. Our “Time to Embark” tee makes it clear. Fido’s not just peeing on a bush; he’s extinguishing the hell fires. That’s not a squirrel he’s barking at, it’s a troll guarding the path. This poo bag? You mean the traveler’s rucksack? Just remember to capture every adorable canine moment with our “Satan’s Little Helper” phone case.


Your daily date with the porcelain throne used to be about peace, release, and scrolling memes. Now you find yourself breaking a sweat whenever you look at your plummeting plys. It’s a crappy situation. Relieve some of the tension with our “What Would Macgyver Do” tee. Our “Daily Superhero” notebook can help you chronical this hardship, and, in a desperate matter of the fecal variety, could be a substitute of sorts. Bare down and we’ll all get through this.

We’ve got safe and surprising stay-at-home looks for everyone. Yes, everyone. Even you. Weirdo.

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F1 shirts and clothing items in a daring collection: Meet Uno Zero:

The world’s fastest motorsport has roots back in the `20s and it annually achieves more and more fans. So it’s no wonder that F1 shirts are truly praised nowadays. From all of the formula 1 related clothing lines, we found one that fits precisely our taste. We expect the apparel to be daring, sharp and fierce. Like a car race, right?  To this extent, meet Vaughn de Heart`s Uno Zero Collection, a tribute inspired by the early days of formula 1.

And the good news won`t stop here! We have a special coupon for our readers. Using the code TSHIRTFACTORY, you`ll get 10% off on your purchase. (hurry up, it expires on 9/22/19 )

F1 shirts and more within an anniversary collection

Uno Zero ( Italian for One Zero) goes beyond affection for F1. Uno Zero also honors Vaughn de Heart ten year anniversary. And with these two facts converging, the result is spectacular. Like Vaugh de Heart`s previous collections,  the cuts are simple, yet bold and memorable. Each design in the collection features a 10 on the left sleeve as well embroidered and printed racing elements.  The collection features 2 T-shirts, a Polo, Sweatshirt, and Hoodie. Check for it:

Uno Zero:

A thick heathered grey sweater with a red Formula 1 car featured on the front.  On the left sleeve is an embroidered blue Vaughn de Heart racing. Below, a 10 commemorating 10 years of Vaughn de Heart.  On the right sleeve, the name Vaughn is embroidered with a slash inspired by Italian racing.

hoodie F1

A thick heathered white hoodie with an early formula 1 car design with the words Auto da Corsa featured.  Auto da Corsa is Italian for “Race Car.” The design also features a 10 on the left sleeve which is included on every piece in the collection.

F1 shirts

The Progressione T-shirt is an homage to the evolution of design.  The T-shirt features three drawing steps to complete the Formula 1 race car sketch and is printed on a heather white T-shirt to resemble a sketchbook.

F1 shirts

The Corona polo features an embroidered patch on the left chest.  The patch is surrounded by a wreath and the patch features the Vaughn de Heart lion, racing flags, and a commemorative 10.

The Emblema T-shirt features a black Vaughn de Heart racing crest on the front of the 100% cotton soft black t-shirt.  The crest features a 10, the Vaughn de Heart lion logo, a wreath, and racing flags.


With that being said, we hope you`ll enjoy the collection Uno Zero. A collection devotedly made, with brand new techniques and a lot of effort. A collection that the designer himself names “a labor of love”

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We’re in this Together: Threadless Community Action Plan

Let’s help each other and show just how connected we really are

Things are getting real out there and we’ll be honest – it’s pretty intense. We’re all working from home and doing our best to create a cozy and productive workspace all the while thinking of creative ways to practice social distancing and playing it safe, which is pretty much just staying home. Given the state of things, we can’t help but think about our friends in the Threadless artist community and across the world that are deeply affected financially by the COVID-19 pandemic. Independent artists, musicians, and small businesses are all getting hit pretty hard, and all we want to do is help. So we came up with a plan and a few ways to help make us all feel a bit more connected.

Our Community Action Plan

For the last 20 years, Threadless has helped humans express their emotions, individualism, and rebellion through art and design. Now more than ever is the time to fill the world with art, and bring joy, entertainment, and a bit of relief to everyone.

UPDATE as of June 1st: We’re excited to announce the extension of one component of our Community Action Plan – the ease of getting your Artist Shop online by simply emailing your logo to start@threadless.com. From there, our team will be in touch and will quickly get to work getting your shop set up. We’ll also collaborate closely with you to make it awesome. Have a friend who could use help with an online shop, not to mention some extra income? Spread the word because we’re here to help!

Through May 31st, we significantly increased the amount our Artists earn from each and every sale.

Each and every time you purchase from Threadless, you’re directly supporting independent artists and small businesses around the world. That’s powerful! Whether you’re looking to show off your unique style or enhance your living space, the designs you choose to buy are supporting the artists that made them.

Do you have a friend that’s struggling financially, or know of any restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and other small businesses that could use a leg up? We can get them set up with an Artist Shop! All we need them to do is email their logo to start@threadless.com and we’ll set them up with a merch store so you can support them by buying their designs. Spread the word, and let folks know about this initiative!

*This discount applies to Artist Shops only and does not apply to items sold in the Threadless Marketplace.

Let’s do something fun together

What was the first Threadless tee you ever bought? Do you have something else you purchased from Threadless that’s your go-to favorite thing? Put it on, grab it, or snuggle up and snap a pic or shoot a video! Tell us how art is helping you be yourself even during this crazy time. Post your picture or video on social and tag @Threadless, and the artist that made the design, and let’s spread some love, y’all. Want us to post it instead? Email us or send us a DM on Instagram. Let’s flood the social feeds with art!

Tips on power-lounging from home

Since most of us are working from home and staying indoors (playing it safe, right?) that might be testing your patience and boredom threshold. We’re home, you’re home. And when you’re not home, you kind of just want to be. We get it. Let us help you get into Lounge Mode™ with comfy threads and home decor. They’ll refresh your vibe, and even make being home all the time a little easier. That pillow pile and blanket fort is just begging you to climb inside. Bonus points if you make it for your best animal friend.

Surf’s up – but, like, with clicking

There’s no shortage of scary news. Sure, it’s important to stay informed, but it’s also important not to doomsurf. If you’re looking for something positive and social, we’ve got you covered. Did somebody say Netflix Party?!

And here’s a couple of big ol’ lists that have all sorts of useful info and links, especially if you or a friend is an indie creative.

In this time of social distancing, we must remember that we’re all still connected. Art may not save the world but it sure does help. Be well and stay safe friends!

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Classical art on tees? Yes and we are impressed with the result!

Classical art then and now

From the Renaissance on, classical art dominated Western art, with classical mythology.  The various myths and legends of the ancient Greek and Roman gods and heroes became a major source of subject matter for history painting.  Although it varies from genre to genre, classical art is famous for its harmony, balance and sense of proportion. This movement is defined by its attention to traditional forms and symmetry. Colour is always subordinated to line and composition.

Classicism was embraced in many ways during the Renaissance in Italy, and it manifested itself in various pursuits.  Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci were the first classical painters, but also the late 19th century abounds of classic artwork prints. Van Gogh, Monet and Leighton are just a few of the relevant painters.

When classical art meets apparel

So, today we want to point out that not all of the classical art is painted on canvas. We don`t need walls necessarily to display art and to invite people to reflect on its meaning. How about owning all your favorites via art all over print t-shirts? The guys from Yizzam consider it and the result is fabulous. This collection of art apparel focuses on famous pieces from around the world with a wide range of artists represented.  The vision is artistic sophistication with a funky flair on art clothing. Check this up:


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Much more, on their website. Do you own such a t-shirt? What do you think about this original idea?

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