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Stay cool even in pandemy with these dope custom face masks

Get out of anonymity with these awesome custom face masks! Being more aware in these times is definitely to be done, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Or that the time spend in isolation must have a lack of color.

You know already that we love to improvise and we are graphic gurus. Since this article became a must have, why not bring it a personal note? (especially since we will be wearing them for an indefinite period)

The coolest custom face masks from your adored print on demand sites

So, custom face masks are all that we need to brighten up our unusual days.  Now you can both protect yourself  and the entire community. Create your own custom face mask in a bit or choose between already printed items. You have plenty of options!  Moreover,  you can choose from a variety of prints, messages and colors.  The print is made directly in the fabric, which gives the mask or the large number of use.

However, for the protection of the print, we recommend washing at a maximum of 40 degrees C. Thus, you will see that you can enjoy your purchase for as long as possible.

We scan out for custom face masks at our favorites pod websites and we`re not discouraged at all! Take a look at our top picks: (click on the picture)

custom face masks by redbubble

cute pattern mask

rainbow face mask by redbubble

zazzle face mask

teepublic custom mask

pretty face mask

custom ink mask

Custom Ink offers you the price for the blanks (usually no minimum required) and you pay extra for whatever custom design you`ll want (brand logo, message, image etc)

Uses of medicinal masks

Although wearing a mask may be mandatory at this time, it is necessary to do it seasonally. Dust, pollution, impurities, viruses are just some of the reasons care should be persuaded to wear long-term masks. In addition, these are multiple uses in the sanitary, food industry, in beauty salons, and even during the household cleaning activity.

This rises as in the overcrowded metropolis of Japan or South Korea, airports or malls, wearing masks at the time. Order your personalized mask and join a global trend for a better future. For all of us!

Do you own a custom face mask? What pattern or message you`ll choose for?

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