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Video Conference Style Tips: Pants Are Optional – Threadless Blog

Staying at home, working from home, homing from home, home, home, home. Not sure about you, but we’re getting a little (ok, a lot) squirrly. Instead of fighting the feeling, we’ve decided to embrace it. Every single squirrly bit of it. Since our lives have become a sort of Groundhog Day of sleeping, eating, Netflix,

Your Weirdly Specific Stay-at-Home Style Guide – Threadless Blog

We know what you’re thinking. Stay-at-home style? For me? No, my tastes are too pajama-chic. Too niche. Too, dare-I-say-it, weird. Challenge accepted, friend. We guaran-tee a stay-at-home look for you, whatever strange yet perfectly acceptable vibe you’re into. THE CAT DAD BODYBUILDER Intense, muscular, and one hell of a cat dad. You’re just like John

We’re in this Together: Threadless Community Action Plan

Let’s help each other and show just how connected we really are Things are getting real out there and we’ll be honest – it’s pretty intense. We’re all working from home and doing our best to create a cozy and productive workspace all the while thinking of creative ways to practice social distancing and playing